In the early part of my career I became skilled in programming, planning and implementing strategic business projects in the corporate environment.

I experienced significant success in developing projects on mainframe computers, then pioneering the distributed use of minicomputers across the U.S. to meet corporate needs. Later I founded a computer software company developing custom software and installing and supporting computer networks for small to mid sized businesses, using desktop computers and Novell Networks and later Microsoft technology.

After more than a dozen years working as Director of IT for a manufacturing company, I decided to remove the limitations of working for someone else and began my own Internet Marketing business primarily for the freedom it promised.  I am glad I did.

After conquering fear of failure, the allure of bright shiny objects, roadblocks of niche selection, and over-thinking, I settled on the Internet Marketing niche (actually a market), took action and never looked back.

You will benefit from the obstacles I overcame by not having to face them yourself with my advice at hand.

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