My Favorite Software

Anyone who has been involved with computers has their favorite software, tools, and tricks. Mine are a mixture of paid and free, but all have something in common – they find things for me. All too frequently

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You Need A System

Here’s something you should learn straight away:Most people starting out in online marketing are told some obviously wrong things like “follow your passion” (that is the build-it-and-they-will-come method), or “this loophole will make your business a success”, or any number of very poor ways to succeed. Others may seem more likely to start you off…

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The Game Changer

One of, if not *the* reason given the most for not achieving goals is because it’s ‘not my fault,’ or there’s a big list of ‘yes, but if only this,’ of ‘if only that!’ Basically, someone or something else’s fault. It might be the economy, the government, your friends, your family, your background, your skin…

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Tips To Get Attention

Today you must have unique content to make yourself heard. Every minute of every day more content is published. It’s no longer enough to have great content – it must stand apart from the crowd. It’s got to deliver value in a unique way with a radical new perspective. Here are some ideas you can…

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What “Guru’s” Teach First

It’s wrong!  It set me back huge amounts of money and time, because I listened and tried to follow the advice. After purchasing a high ticket coaching program from a well known internet marketer, I had a session or two on the phone with

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